Iolanthe Marquez: Iolanthe just graduated from Our Lady of Mount Carmel High. She’s trying to work out what to do with the rest of her life and is definitely not worried about how her friends don’t like her partner, Amparo, or how Amparo acts more like a cat than a person sometimes.
cast_fawnFawn: Fawn is a self-declared bad kid who has gotten themselves into some trouble. After a talking animal stole their real name and identity, Fawn’s been swallowed up by a strange world and must use every bit of their bad kid instinct and hustle to try to get back to our world and the family waiting for them here.
cast_juliana Juliana: Juliana is the first human Amparo meets in Bright World. She claims to have been there for three years and carries the sort of bitterness that makes this seem believable. Still, she’s managed to avoid death so far, and seems to be Fawn’s best bet for learning how to get through this alive. She has begrudgingly accepted being Fawn’s ally in this mess.


cast_amparoAmparo Uribe: Amparo is a young human with a troubled past who now does all the things humans are supposed to do, like hold down a part-time job, have the most beautiful and smart girlfriend in high school, and have a spectacular pompadour. Being a Successful Human is complicated, though, as they are learning.
cast_mimiMimí: The amazing and charming Miss Mimí is beloved by all in Bright World – or at least, she likes to believe she is. She thinks of herself as a benevolent employer and font of kindness, taking in humans in need, but that is very much her perspective, not so much that of those in her employ. Those who can have opinions, anyway.
 El Ciervo:cast_elciervo A doctor who hires our protagonist and names them Fawn. Seems to be a solid darkness in a vaguely deerish shape. Casually sadistic, as well as condescending and passive aggressive as hell. Hobbies include cutting people up and doing this thing where he goes to Mimí’s bar, takes up a piece of prime real estate, and nurses a single drink all damn night.