March 28, 2017

So that’s what puts the sparkle in your sparkle-drink.

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  • Esperando

    The monster that stole Amparo’s identity has a nice tush.

    • Snakewife

      Y’know, Catparo works out. Runs around in their human body a LOT.

  • Esperando

    (also can I just say… I am addicted to this comic <3)

    • Snakewife

      Yay, thank you. <3 Glad you like it!

  • Teachimera

    Well if any of us forgot that Amparo (the cat monster) was a cat, we all have a reminder now.

    • Snakewife

      Catparo isn’t very good at hiding their nature, are they?

  • CJ Dean-Andrews

    Yum! Tasty, tasty memories!