June 23, 2017

He was really, really good at the part where you kiss other men, too.

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  • eucal

    Now I want El Ciervo to have an equally sadistic boyfriend – El Borrego? El Jaguar (for predatory-prey irony)? El Cabrón (for punning)?

    Is Rafael going to be put on the cast list soon? I guess it still might be questionable as to whether he’s a human or an other.

    • Snakewife

      Yep! The cast list is due for an upgrade, so sometime this coming week it should have some new faces. 🙂

  • Kati Bug

    It’s always nice to find new queers in whichever fresh, green and humid hell you find yourself in.

  • Why do I suspect this guy is why Juliana doesn’t want to hear about getting out of Bright World, but she doesn’t remember it? (Possibly because so far, I wouldn’t trust anyone in, near, or from Bright World.)