October 6, 2017

My favorite panel is the second to last one.

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  • Yana Dunia


    • Snakewife

      *hands you a tissue*

  • WillowRosenbird

    This is too good and fluffy, I don’t trust the longevity of this happy reunion or necessarily the legitimacy of this abuela… Something is up.

    • Snakewife

      That’s legit.

      • Mike South

        I wondered if I was over-interpreting the wiggle in her word balloons.

        Also, this makes me wonder if it will be possible to steal a bunch of stuff back for wassername at the bar.

    • Yana Dunia

      Well, I assume that this one is a semi-physical manifestation of the memory Fawn just got back. She’ll probably go “poof” shortly, right?

  • Alicia

    Abuela looks younger than I remember. I wonder if this is how she is in Fawn’s memories? That, or my own memory is terrible.

    • Snakewife

      Your memory is fine. Good eye. 🙂