September 22, 2017

Knit one, purl one. Easy.

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  • Mike South

    Love it–his confidence gives me a huge sense of release if it it didn’t do the same for our protagonist. Of course the tension now is to see which position will turn out to have been correct.

  • Mike South

    I know this is not the first character that has had a face where only the eyes are used to change expression. But I was looking at the bottom left panel on this and my mind went “wait…has he always had no mouth?” I think that is an incredible accomplishment. I remember, after having watched and loved the Wallace and Gromit shorts, seeing an article about them and it mentioned that Gromit doesn’t talk. I was like “wut…oh that’s right!”. Gromit is *so* expressive that it actually hadn’t really registered in my mind that he never says anything. To me that was just a huge endorsement of their artistry, and I think it says the same about your work. This is a really important character to which a lot of attention is drawn, but you get so much out of everything else (words, posture, and of course the eyes) that I literally did not register his lack of any other facial features.